ONE BELLE PREMIER CONSULTANCY INC. is an independent project management firm that provides customized and consultative real estate services to corporate and commercial industries that Seek Excellence, Experience and High Level of Attention to Detail.



General Contractor Services Outsourcing - Procurement and Due Diligence

One of the most crucial and critical stages of a  project  is the selection of General Contractors, we conduct due diligence to check on and confirm if they have pending projects they were not able to finish as well as court cases filed against them., with this, you can be sure that you will be assured that you are on the right track.


Develop and Approve Contractors Criteria and Setting Up Framework Agreements

Land Title Verification

Property Location and Mapping System

Digital Interactive Map of Real Estate Property Inventories all over the Philippines

Construction Project Management

Interim Management

Cost Consultancy Advice

Move Management

Auditing of Annual Maintenance Service Contracts

Workspace Utilisation Studies

Corporate Benchmarking

Tendering of Annual Service Contracts

Legal Services for Real Estate and Construction Documents

(Licensing Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions)

Foreign Company Set Up (Philippine Setting)

 Business Conceptualization Phase

 Schematic Design Phase

 Design Development Phase

 Construction Phase

 Sales and Marketing Phase

Leasing / Rentals







With thousands of details in every project, it’s easy for a simple oversight or wrong decision to derail the entire process. With One Belle Premier Consultancy Inc. as your project manager, you can focus on the big picture and allow us to handle the day-to-day decisions, negotiations, and finer points on your behalf. As a owner’s representative, One Belle Premier Consultancy employs its knowledge, experience, and industry network to assemble the right team and devise a creative, customized approach to your project. No matter how large or small our role is in serving you, we make it a priority to understand your business and its goals, and to represent your interests with this understanding in mind.







This is one of the most critical steps in managing a portfolio.One Belle Premier Consultancy conducts a thorough real estate assessment and strategic analysis to identify your short- and long-term needs. We regularly perform feasibility studies, growth projections, due diligence and budget forecasting to provide substantive data. We further our understanding of your project and goals, and we develop a clear project plane, budget, and schedule.







If a new or additional site is needed for your company or one of its divisions, choosing a location is often the most important decision you’ll make. One Belle Premier Consulancy helps you identify your target geographical area and then researches, evaluates, and recommends ideal properties and feasible facilities, be it new construction or lease opportunity. National and local building codes and regulations, environmental issues, tax implications and other factors are considered in selecting the site that best fits your needs and budget.







Attracting and retaining high-quality contractors ensures a successful outcome. One Belle Premier Consultancy's cross-industry experience and extensive network of trusted and top caliber general contractors enables us to pair the right resources with your particular needs. We create detailed Requests for Proposals (RFPs), distribute bid-leveling analyses, evaluate proposals, perform interviews, and negotiate contracts. Our project managers collaborate with all contractors to ensure that the industry’s best practices are implemented and that work remains on schedule and on budget, meeting your complete satisfaction every step of the way.







One Belle Premier Consultancy closely monitors all construction activities to ensure that your visions become reality without budget or schedule changes. All project communications—vendor to vendor, vendor to client, client to vendor—are filtered through us so we can maintain accountability and avoid miscommunication. We coordinate and attend job site meetings, review construction documents, approve change orders, facilitate payment applications, and update schedules accordingly. We prepare a monthly status report to keep you abreast of progress.







The design phase is often the most creative, exciting part of a project. One Belle Premier Consultancy brings innovative, resourceful architects, engineers and interior designers to the table who can turn abstract ideas into concrete plans that embody your company’s mission, visions and values. We assess all design and construction documents, propose value, engineer recommendation, create schedule impact analyses, and identify potential savings and hidden schedule pitfalls.







Some clients need to construct or renovate and open several sites at once. In collaboration with the client, One Belle Premier Consultancy Inc. creates a detailed master plan, budget and schedule comprising the “big picture,” emphasizing consistency and economies of scale. We treat individual job sites as distinct projects, each with its own special requirements and issues. We give each project personal attention while overseeing its larger rollout.







Due Diligence


Closeout Management

Disposition Consulting and Management

Payment Application Reviews

Portfolio Consultation

In the course of rendering Professional Consulting Services, we will require that you inform us at all times of the relevant facts and accurate circumstances relating to all business matters (Principal Owners , Partners, Independent Directors and the like)  referred to our office. Consistent with our professional ethics, should we discover that the facts and circumstances are different from what you relayed on us, we reserve the right to immediately withdraw as your business consultant without any obligation to refund any fees.